What do you tell the person who’s been YOUR person for almost 2 decades?

For those who don’t know me, my name is Christina and I am Krista’s maitren of honour. From grade school to high school and college we grew up together but didn’t grow apart.

We would spend days planning road trips, vacations and living together ..
Although not much of that came true because of life and this thing called bills setting in.

Oou boy,
What do you tell the person who’s been YOUR person for almost 2 decades?

I’ll start off by acknowledging her parents, who have become like my second parents. Donna and Bruce, you two have raised such a kind hearted, and aspiring woman. The word that stands out when I think of Krista is selfless. She doesn’t do anything for recognition and that just testifies the pure intentions of her heart, just like her mom. If you know Donna, you’re probably nodding your head or smiling in agreement.

Many times Krista has helped my family out. When I vent to her or tell her something I’m going through- within seconds she asks how she can help. That’s just who she is.

Because of that I’m just going to brag on her for a minute.. because most of the things she’s done has been done in secret.. years ago my husband kept getting laid off and I was on maternity leave so things were a bit rough. Well Krista wrote this beautiful encouraging letter with money attached saying that she would give more if she could. She also paid for my baby shower invitations in secret after our diy versions were a major fail. Through good times and heartache she has been my go to, right hand Woman and I can’t imagine doing life without her.

Krista is also hard working and when she wants to do something, she does it. She’s very determined and has the best sense of humor and a sharp tongueβ€” so look out, Bry! All joking aside, though, I am so honoured to be standing beside her and the man she has chosen today.

Now onto Bryan. Bryan is one of the most handsome, inta– squints- intel– Bryan, you’re going to have to come up here I can’t read your writing. πŸ˜„
Jokes aside.. Bryan makes Krista happy. And that makes me happy.

Bryan truly is a stand up guy and I’ll never forget the day I met him. We had just finished classes at st Clair and I was waiting in my car for Krista to bring him out so we could finally meet. I slowly rolled my window down and probably said something corny in the awkward moment but he smiled and I just knew right away he was very respectful.

Krista doesn’t know this, but one time Bry picked her up from my house and after he pulled in the drive way and she left the door I ran over to the window (Because when your best friend gets a boyfriend you secretly watch him like a hawk right?) Well I watched them hug like they hadn’t seen eachother in weeks. Something about that made me smile and feel at peace. Bryan, thank you for making Krista so happy .. and for recognizing what a gift she is to this world. I have no doubts that you will treat her how she deserves to be treated.

Krista, I know the planning.. and stress.. has been real- as anyone whos planned a wedding has experienced..but it’s been well worth it. Even the countless times we sacrificed our beloved nacho nights. Seeing the way you’re glowing right now and how everything came together is everything I wanted for you.
I’m so glad that you excepted my nerdy invitation to skip together at recess in grade 5 because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have found my sister that I never knew I needed.

If I could give you guys any advice it would be to embrace this new journey with a team mindset. In building a life together and raising kids you’ll find when you view your spouse as the enemy it’ll only add to the chaos. Marriage is hard, I definitely won’t sugar coat that.. but anything that’s worth it in life rarly comes without challenges. It’s worth fighting for each other. You two will need eachother.
My wish for you two is that today isn’t the happiest day of your lives or the day that you loved eachother the most, my wish for you is that your love for eachother will grow each passing day as you spend your new days as one.

I’ll leave off with a quote as you two start this new chapter.
“Love does not consist of gazing at eachother but in looking outward together at the same direction.” I can not wait to see what the future has in store for you guys. So today let’s toast to this beautiful couple as they embark on their new journey, congratulations Krista and Bryan.