Mamma was bruised, spirit and soul.
She had battle scars few cared to know.
She never talked about her issues because her greatest downfall was feeling like she was being a burden to others.

Great or small tasks she completed alone, never seeking recognition or applause. Some would say she was in a fog because she was in love with the presence of God and hearing from Him was a task she delighted in.

She saw the world with childlike glee.
‘Just let it be’ she would say to me.
Mamma knew the key to life was looking beyond your own problems and lending a hand to those in need.

Her role of homemaker she didn’t take light. She is the reason I seek peace over the need to be right. If I could give a symbol for my mom it would be a dove. Doves represent peace. It also represents the Holy Spirit and mom would always give gentle reminders like Him. She rarely pushed anyone to do anything; she would guide them, when they showed signs of readiness.

She believed in ‘togetherness’ and the power of a simple smile. She would look for people throughout her day to quote on quote “be a blessing to”. As I write this tears fall from my eyes because I can’t even imagine a world with her not in it. Even being just a phone call away sometimes isn’t enough. I’ll never forget the day when I truly saw mom in a new light.

Have you ever grieved someone’s presence, who is still alive?

One day mom dropped Ty and I off and she was walking back to her car and I was just overwhelmed by the thought of never seeing her again. I wanted to run out and hug her so bad but I silently watched her drive away.

Some would say she was a pushover- if being humble is viewed as a push over then I would gladly embark to carry on that title. Mom never followed the crowd and she inspired me to do the same. All of Mike and my friends loved my mom because they saw her heart. She would ask “How are you doing?” with a genuine concern.

She had a way with people where her presence would immediately effect those who came in contact. ‘You are my sunshine’ was the song she taught Tyson, and when I hear him sing it now throughout the day, a warmth of familiarity and delight instantly wash over me.

She will always be with us, I’ll feel her when I feel the sun. She shined and nourished us; I know even the darkest clouds couldn’t dim her love.


2 thoughts on “Momma

    1. Jamie I love you so much! You are always encouraging me and you make me feel so loved and important! People only dream of a loved one so on their team! You’re such a gift in our lives babe can’t wait for Friday as well! ..and to listen to your heart explode onto paper or rather the interwebs 😉 again! 💖💖💖


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