Maybe I’ll meet you in the stillness.
The simplicity and otherwise silence of life.
While I’m waiting for fireworks, I don’t want to be deaf to the whispers.
I’m used to the signs and dreams but I’m left to scramble the pieces at times.

You understand our human tendacies.
We are self lovers seeking the temporary but you don’t dismiss us by our downfalls.
You gave us vision and a mind of our own and the beauty and freedom of choice.
We can follow you into the unknown or we can sit back and wallow at the fact that our fleshy eyes aren’t seeing movement.

That impatience. That have to have it, have to know it now. I crave the vision but do I more than the Creator? Peace. Be still. Help me Lord to seek stillness and a calm from you alone. You asked me “If I took it all away would you still follow me?” I answered, instinctivly out of humanacy.. “but” after that pause “Yes Lord I would.” Why the pause? Did I need to run it by myself, questioning my maker like He didn’t have a plan? Giiiirl, check yo self.

No matter how long a season lasts without answers, I will seek You.. and in that silence, contentness, from not knowing but trusting the one who does, will be birthed.

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