An open letter to an inspiring world changer,




When I think of you I think of strength.

Strength in adversity. Strength in relations. Strength in the burning to grow and use the card you’ve been dealt for GOD’S glory.

The only failure is the one who doesn’t think (pride) they need help nor go to any length to receive it. You are humble and beautiful and God sees you as His daughter. Most importantly He sees your heart. You are so prized to Him, myself, and anyone who has come in contact with you.

I am so proud of you babe. You encourage me as a believer, mother, and writer. Your volnerablity is refreshing and you are writing your story as you go along this journey. I am a by stander on the side lines and I will never stop cheering, sometimes silently, but you are always in my heart.

The more things you go, rather GROW through will only be used for His glory.

You will impact many lives and you already have! I love you and support your healing and seeking God. I pray you are refreshed and reminded of who you are and WHO’s you are.

You are a treasure, friend. You are never alone. You are a world shaker and I’m just so happy I signed up for dance that one night several moons ago.💕

Ps.  I miss you a stupid amount.


Your sister forever,


One thought on “An open letter to an inspiring world changer,

  1. What is this!! Oh my. I have extreme chills!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I would say Go on… but you did and your words have once again pierced my heart! My sweet sister and cherished friend. I love you so so so so much!! I needed that! And affirmation is my number 1 live language! I live you!! Did I say I love you??!!! I do and always will. I’m so happy and fortunate God placed such a beautiful, sweet women of courage and sparkle in my life!! And I am so fortunate I took part in dancing too, even if I was a bit.. well a lot uncoordinated!! Haha it was so worth it to meet you!! I remember when I was in the hospital and you were trying so hard to pick me up!! I couldn’t believe that you cared so much for me.. because I didn’t feel worthy at the time! But I now receive all your love open heartedly! Thank God for his healing power! Muah!! Love you sugar!!


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